Saturday, August 9, 2008

UK birders-geographers wanted to see birds

Ah, such a view from Zarzamora!
Visiting geographers from the UK were in Patzcuaro recently. They contacted me through On their free day, Tim, Adam, and Derek joined me for a full day of birding at Rancho Madrono, Zarzamora, and the bridge to Jaracuaro. I couldn't have asked for better company, and I hope they return some day in the not so distant future. As we enjoyed beers and tequila at the end of the day, Derek admitted that we far exceeded his 30 species goal for the day. Piece of cake, I thought. Following is a list of what we saw or heard:

Great egret
Tricolored egret
Little blue heron
Snowy egret
Cattle egret
Cattle egret
White-faced ibis
Turkey vulture
Common moorhen
American coot
Northern jacana
Black-necked stilt
Mourning dove
Inca dove
Whip-por-will (heard)
Magnificent hummingbird
Elegant trogon (heard)
Acorn woodpecker
Northern flicker
Tufted flycatcher
Greater pewee
Pine flycatcher
Black phoebe
Vermilion flycatcher
Cassin's kingbird
Barn swallow
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Gray-barred wren
Spotted wren
Bewick's wren
House wren
Curve-billed thrasher
Eastern bluebird
American robin
Mexican chickadee
White-breasted nuthatch
Brown creeper
Mexican jay
Common raven
House sparrow (a pair mated at least 8 times during our lunch stop)
Plumbeous vireo
House finch
Lesser goldfinch
Olive warbler
Crescent-chested warbler
Common yellowthroat
Black-polled yellowthroat
Painted redstart
Slate-throated redstart (Tim's favorite bird experience of the day)
Rufous-capped warbler
Hepatic tanager
White-collared seedeater
Canyon towhee
Song sparrow
Yellow-eyed junco
Black-headed grosbeak
Red-winged blackbird
Great-tail grackle
Bronzed cowbird
Bullock's oriole

Total species: 60 seen, 2 heard

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