Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mario's Road - a new birding spot

Last week I came across a new spot that was crying to be birded. So, when Gail and Stephen, who were visiting from Pt. Reyes, California, asked me to take them hiking, I couldn't resist suggesting Mario's Road. We picked up Edna as we made our way up the mountain from Eronga (short for Erongaricuaro).

I know birds are lurking in this rich understory!

Most of the trees are being tapped for resin. Note the scarring.

Bird highlights for me were Pygmy nuthatches, Rusty-crowned Ground-sparrows, and vocalizing but not seen trogons. Although I kept my eyes peeled for the endemic woodcreeper, I didn't seen any.

Edna, Gail and Stephen with Lake Patzcuaro in the background.

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