Sunday, August 3, 2008

Field trip - Cascada de la Tzararacua

Cascada de la Tzaráracua - (Uruapan area)
Monday August 11, 2008
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Many of us have visited Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz in Uruapan. But, how many of us have discovered where the river goes that begins in the park? Fulfill that query by joining the Patzcuaro Birding Club’s next field trip. Downstream just a few miles south of Uruapan, the river gushes as if from nowhere into a spectacular canyon setting. Our destination is ten kilometers south of Uruapan where the Rio Cupatitzio falls 30 meters into two pools. Many thanks to Bruce Cox for suggesting and agreeing to lead us on this field trip!

Again, we will carpool from Patzcuaro. Meeting time is 9:00 AM at the Policia Federal office located behind the Pemex Station by the muelle (at the bottom of Av. Lazaro Cardenas, the tree-lined street that goes up the hill to el Centro). It will be a safe place to leave vehicles. For those unfamiliar with Patzcuaro, let me know if you need more information about this meeting place. Note: There are several Pemex stations in Patzcuaro.

Please RSVP by email so I can monitor how many drivers versus riders there will be.

There are two ways to reach the falls. One is to walk the trail both ways. The other way is a horse ride....(sorry, I don't know what the charge is for a horse ride)
Bring a picnic lunch or buy something tasty from the on-site eatery:

Our goal for the day is to identify the swifts found along the cascading waters:

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i wanted to know how is the weather up there in late Dec, i ma planning to go and take some pictures for a project i am working on..for any info thanks