Monday, July 4, 2011

Life bird: Sparkling-tailed woodstar

Wowsers.  I walked out my French doors and glanced at one of the spot a new hummingbird species.  Sparkling-tailed woodstar!!

It's an endemic to central Mexico; however, it has been a secret to me.  It wasn't very shy and stayed at the feeder long enough for me to run back into the house for the camera and take several shots. 

Number 393 for my Mexico list and 111 for my yard list. 

Female woodstars (photos by Vince Gravel)

Male in flight (photo by Alex Gordon)

Male in flight (photo by Alex Gordon)

Male in flight (photo by Vince Gravel)

Hugo caught it out of the corner of his eye today, so he added it to his list as well. 

Many thanks to Vince Garvel and Alex Gordon for use of the photos. 

Check out Vince's blog:   At the bottom, there's a place to click for the rest of his collection of amazing photos.