Thursday, September 4, 2008

Next Field Trip - Ejido Lands of Arocutin

Green-tailed towhee

Queen of the Mal Pais, Francis Rodriguez, will lead us into the ejido lands of Arocutin on Thursday, September 11. (If you don't know of the Mal Pais, she'll share information as we spend the morning together.)

We’ll meet at 8:30 AM at the restaurant Campestre Aleman between Arocutin and Uricho on the west side of Lake Patzcuaro. As a special treat, I'll be stopping at the best brick oven bakery in Patzcuaro for fresh-from-the-oven bolillos and will bring butter and marmalade.

Lesser goldfinch

From Campestre Aleman, we’ll carpool along a dirt road, where we’ll bird for an hour or so. We’ll stop from time to time to see/hear what birds are around - warblers and other passerines are showing up for the fall and winter months.

If you’re not very mobile, this is a trip for you.

Let me know if you need directions to Campestre Aleman.

Barn owl

Afterwards, anyone is welcome to follow me by car to the bridge to Jaracuaro to see if the elusive Barn owl will show itself.

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