Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hummingbirds in Flight - Photos

Wayne and Susan C, from San Miguel de Allende, spent three days in our area with the Patzcuaro Birding Club. Susan compiled the bird checklist for SMA (about 200 species), and Wayne co-authored a book on San Miguel's botanical garden El Charco del Ingenio with another San Miguel retiree, Walter Meagher, a trained botanist (who also has published in Spanish an inventory of vascular plants growing naturally in El Charco - at last count, 565 sp).

I thank them for spending several hours at my residence. These are Wayne's photos (species names are below each photo):

Berylline hummingbird

Blue-throated hummingbird

Magnificent hummingbird

Magnificent hummingbird

Magnificent hummingbird

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Girlly said...

I love those pics they looks so adorible