Monday, June 1, 2009

Dorothy and Al were here.....

Thanks to a couple of birders among a tour who had come to the area to see Monarch butterflies, Victor Hugo and I had the opportunity to re-visit Cerro Burro and the Tacambaro area (all are south of Patzcuaro): Dorothy Parker from Missouri and Al Mickey from Winnepeg. A marvelous day was had in the field and all of us saw life birds, including a Golden-browed warbler.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Moores at 10,000

Birds seen:
Black vulture
Turkey vulture
Sharp-shinned hawk
Banded quail

Photo courtesy of Wayne Colony, who first mentioned seeing these quail at Rio Corucha

Rock pigeon
Mourning dove
Inca dove
White-tipped dove
Squirrel cuckoo
Groove-billed ani
Lesser roadrunner (high in a tree, no less)
White-eared hummingbird
Violet-crowned hummingbird
Magnificent hummingbird
Blue-throated hummingbird
Acorn woodpecker
Golden-cheeked woodpecker (nesting)
Ladder-backed woodpecker
Pileated flycatcher
Greater pewee
Vermilion flycatcher
Bright-rumped attila (my lifer on this trip)
Social flycatcher
Cassin's kingbird
Thick-billed kingbird
Northern rough-winged swallow
Barn swallow
Eastern bluebird
Rufous-backed robin
Amercian robin
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
White-breasted nuthatch
Brown creeper
Mexican jay
House sparrow
Plumbeous vireo
House finch
Pine siskin
Lesser goldfinch
Yellow-rumped warbler
Black-and-white warbler
Lousianna waterthrush
Common yellowthroat
Wilson's warbler
Red warbler
Painted redstart
Rufous-capped warbler
Hepatic tanager
White-collared seedeater
Hybrid towhee (Collared and Spotted)
Canyon towhee
Stripe-headed sparrow
Chipping sparrow
Lincoln's sparrow
Yellow-eyed junco
Blue grosbeak
Indigo bunting
Varied bunting
Western meadowlark
Great-tailed grackle
Streak-backed oriole
Orchard oriole

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