Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hike/bird trip to Columpio Sunday Aug 13

Bird of the day:  Mexican jay
(photo from Wikimedia Commons; photographer, Alan Vernon)

Eleven of us headed to an area by Zarzamora (above Erongaricuaro) to a place we call Columpio.  The outing was billed as a bi-lingual hike/walk/bird trip so there was a mix of interest among us.  One interest we hadn't considered until we got there:  hongos or mushrooms.  It's that time of year. 

Here's what we saw/heard (not in taxonomic order):

Painted redstart
White-breasted nuthatch
Hepatic tanager
Crescent-chested warbler
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Mexican jay
Yellow-eyed junco
Pine flycatcher
Acorn woodpecker
Hairy woodpecker
Bewick's wren
American robin
Red warbler
Barn swallow
Gray silky-flycatcher
Brown-backed solitaire
White-tipped dove
Hybrid towhee (spotted x collared)
Brown creeper
Blue-throated hummingbird
Olive warbler
Mexican chickadee
Northern raven
Rufous-capped warbler

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your report but unless you own a time machine I think you mean August 13, not 31.