Sunday, October 5, 2008

My friend Victor and I took a road trip yesterday to Cocucho, a village west of Paracho. Paracho is famous for its guitar-making. Cocucho is also near Parocutin, a famous volcano. (Just Google both of these places, and you'll no doubt find much information about this area of Michoacan.)
Cocucho is famous for its pottery, and I wanted to pick up a couple of pieces. In case you're interested, one of these pieces is going to Seattle for a local charity auction, the proceeds of which will support bird habitat.
Calle Hidalgo, the main street of Cocucho

As I venture into new places, I use the Guia Roji to guide me. This is an atlas of the roads of Mexico. Though smaller in size, it's much like a Rand McNally or DeLorme atlas in the US. The Guia Roji served its purpose for this trip until we left the main road by Paracho. So much road work is being done in Michoacan that the Guia Roji 2008 is no longer accurate. The federal government is investing in fine asphalt road to the villages, and I was pleased to find with few topes. Because few road signs had been erected yet, we had to ask directions on several occasions. No problem: everyone we met cheerfully directed us on our way.

Most Mexicans I've met fear owls, but these artisans made owl figures and knew the vocalizations of the Great-horned owl.
Naturally, I made my purchases from them.

Victor is now the owner of the large pot to the right of Fidelina and her mother.

Not yet finished items at Fidelina and Domingo's workshop.
Most of the time that I bird, I wonder where the raptors are. Today, however, I saw seven adult Red-tailed hawks, two American Kestrels, and two Sharpies. I didn't count the many Turkey vultures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darling,

Looks like SE Mex is the place to be. Snowing like crazy here. Ditch divers galore. I somehow didn't realize your trip was quite so long! over a month. But that sounds like fun. I just was looking at the Mex map and found Lake Patzcuaro. Oh my kingdom for some jungle right now. No trips for me till March when I'll go to OR to see my mother and WICKED the musical (should be neat!) Drive safe

mk in ak

Georgia Conti said...

SE Mexico would be a great destination, especially for you as winter sets. Even the birders up north have remarked about the cold temps and snow.

Yes, we'll be away from Patzcuaro for nearly 6 weeks. While gone, our hummingbird feeders are being filled every day and Mike/Cheri will be exploring various birding spots.

On this trip, I'll be birding SE Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, back to Texas, on to Tamaulipas and then to Patzcuaro, and Chuck is entering violins in two competitions. Go Chuck!

p.s. we saw a couple of ditch divers in Chihuahua tho' they weren't due to snow storms.