Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Nesting Boxes

On a recent trip to/from the States, I picked up two pre-made nesting boxes - on sale no less.

They were rather plain so I asked my neighbor Francis if she'd beautify them with some of her artwork. She and husband Roldofo Rodriguez make much sought after art - large and small chests, shadow boxes, crosses, benches, and hummingbird earrings are just some of the articles they make.

Here are the finished boxes.......

Detail of the box in the side yard.

Note: the banner, birds and flower heads are raised from the box; the flower stems and leaves are painted onto the box.

It's installed in cozy corner where I can watch it from inside the house.

This one is in the front yard.

A wren - I am hoping for a Spotted wren - moved in within a couple hours of installation!

Of course, there's always a pair of birds who want a different home. Canyon wrens recently fledged a brood from the space under the umbrella of this patio heater.

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