Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Challenges to Gardening Hereabouts

As I planted one of my raised beds about 7 weeks ago, I heard a repeated chittering nearby. Yep, an adult hummer was letting me know I was invading her territory. This Broad-billed hummer had built a nest and had two eggs awaiting her attention. I let her be for the most part, and she fledged two youngsters. Now, my Oregon sweet peas and Chinese peapods are about to blossom, and I am looking forward to eating them. (FYI, these edibles are NOT available hereabouts.)

Then last week, Hugo pointed out another hummer nest. This one a Broad-tailed. Lucky for me, I can monitor the progress with my spotting scope planted in the living room. She seems comfortably brooding two eggs. Hopefully, she too will fledge her youngsters.

Difficult to spot this nest, isn't it?

Soon to be youngsters

Here's how I monitor the nest.

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Tracy Novinger said...

Your hummers and garden and view are a delight. Saludos.