Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birds of Michoacan

I was recently given a gift: a digital version of "La Biodiversidad en Michoacan Estudio de Estado", which includes a chapter and list of the birds of Michoacan. This gift was from Dra. Laura Villasenor Gomez and Dr. Fernando Villasenor, who are siblings and ornithologists at the University of Michoacan in Morelia. Muchisimo gracias!!

The appendices (anexos in Spanish) are incredibly useful:
  • a list the birds of Michoacan
  • lists of species that are threatened (16 species), in danger of extinction (11 species), are under protection (49 species), and are extinct (only 1 species, the Imperial woodpecker)
  • lists of endemic (43), semi-endemic (35), and quasi-endemic species (16).
I have transcribed the data into a spreadsheet. If you'd like to have any of these lists, email me at antep9[at]aol[dot]com. Meanwhile, I am trying to learn how to upload an Excel file to this blog....if you can help, let me know!

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